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Capitol Inquiry LLC offers knowledge, experience, professionalism and affordability you don’t get anywhere else. When the lawyer you choose matters most – so does the investigator you hire. Capitol Inquiry sets the standard for excellence, integrity, and results. Our findings can make the case for you. We develop realistic and reliable strategies for the most difficult cases – and produce results within client budgets and sensitivities.

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Capitol Inquiry provides background and investigative services to help attorneys develop the evidence and testimony that will give their clients the advantage during court appearance, negotiation, and litigation proceedings. Our goal is to help you win your case before you have to endure a costly trial.

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Capitol Inquiry understands the needs of US companies – and the threats they face. We know it’s not just about gathering data and available information – it’s about getting the right information, at the right time, analyzing it accurately, and transforming it into actionable decision-making for you.

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Licensed in the District of Columbia – Registration No. PAI 40000012


Licensed – Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia – DCJS Registration No. 11-19766


*The above licenses provide reciprocity in many states across the nation, and when needed, we call in our partners in states and countries where investigative work is required. Our national and international network of established, highly qualifed partners gives Capitol Inquiry global reach.



We work with your attorney to identify the witnesses and evidence to support your case. Capitol Inquiry has had success in investigating complex financial asset, fraud, forgery, intellectual property (IP) theft, white collar crime, copyright and trademark infringement, and contract and transaction misconduct cases. We focus single-mindedly on your firm’s specific concerns. We place our full efforts into ensuring that your case receives the attention it deserves – and the results it must have.

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