December 2019

Boris Johnson’s most comments that are controversial from his burka ‘letterbox’ jibe to racism allegations

NEW Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is renowned for their controversial commentary and happens to be involved with a few scandals throughout their profession - which may have seen a quantity of Conservative MPs resign.

The Foreign that is former Secretary present Prime Minister has made remarks which have perhaps not been down well in past times - here is a appearance straight right back at a few of their many controversial quotes.

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Mr Johnson penned: "then i totally agree if you say that it is weird and bullying to expect women to cover their faces.

"I would personally go further and state that it's positively ridiculous that individuals should around choose to go searching like letter bins."

In which he included that if "a feminine pupil switched up in school or a college lecture appearing such as a bank robber" he'd ask her to get rid of it to talk with her.

How many other things that are controversial Boris stated?

On feamales in the labour celebration in 1996

In 1996, writing when it comes to Telegraph, Johnson went along to a Labour party meeting and composed a bit reviewing the "hot totty" - feminine labour MPs regarding the "Tottymeter."

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