Capitol Inquiry offers students who are enrolled in academic programs at accredited colleges and universities the opportunity for year-round paid and for-credit internships.
While many of our interns are enrolled in criminal justice programs, it is not a requirement.
Interns must apply for a position, submit a writing sample and resume, complete an on-line research project and report, and schedule an in-person interview. Interns learn how a private investigation business functions, and learn the correct methods for conducting various types of investigations.

The internship is hands-on, and interns will work side-by-side with licensed investigators when doing research in the office and in the field. Interns will become knowledgeable in understanding legal documents such as complaints, subpoenas, court orders, wills and probate records. They will be taught the necessary skills to conduct online research and interpret data base information. The experience aims to teach our interns to be more curious and analytical, and to follow the leads in an investigation. Recent interns have found full-time employment here at Capitol Inquiry, at the Department of Defense, with local law firms and at the Department of Homeland Security; while others have returned to college to pursue advanced degrees in criminal justice.
Contact us regarding availability.

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