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Virginia private investigator Firm, Capitol Inquiry, Inc., has been serving private, corporate and legal communities since 1991. Kenneth Cummins, president of Capitol Inquiry, is an award-winning former investigative reporter who worked in the national bureaus of several media organizations, including The Chicago Tribune. He is the creator of the Loose Lips column for Washington City Paper. Ken Cummins has been overseeing the growth and direction of Capitol Inquiry for nearly two decades. The firm currently maintains offices in downtown Washington, DC, and Bethesda, MD. Through industry memberships, Ken has developed an extensive network of national and international private investigations and research firms that share our business values and provide clients with quality results.

Capitol Inquiry's licensed and experienced private investigators in VA have professional backgrounds in journalism, business, government, the mortgage industry and the legal profession; and are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, French and Dutch languages.  These skills enhance the firm's growing international investigative case work.  We can handle all of your firm's research and investigative needs anywhere around the globe.   

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